April 30, 2016

Basic Information and Answers

  • Dress Accordingly!

    Maine Weather

    While you are planning to attend our rockin wedding celebration, keep a few things in mind.

    1.) Maine weather in April is as unpredictable as well...Maine weather. It could be sunny and beautiful, it could be raining, and yes, we could still have snow on the ground. Make sure to bring layers especially if you are travelling from out of state.

    2.) We are having an outdoor ceremony (weather permitting) and then walking right over to the beautiful barn for the reception. Ladies, keep this in mind for footwear! I don't want anyone sinking into the grass!

    Added by Robin on Wed, Jan 20th 2016

  • Parking

    There is parking on the lawn at the barn, but it is quite limited so if at all possible, carpool!

    Added by Robin on Tue, Feb 16th 2016

  • Adults Only?

    You may notice we requested only adults to attend. This is for several reasons, but one of the biggest is we have very limited seating. The only children in attendance will be immediate family and special circumstances. To keep it as fair as possible, we included our guests to be 18 and over. We thank you for your understanding!

    Added by Robin on Tue, Feb 16th 2016

  • Can I bring a guest?

    We understand it can be confusing to know if you are allowed to bring a guest with you to a wedding. While working on our guest list with a limited number we could invite, we did have to almost hand pick every single attendant. If your invitation is addressed to you "and guest," you may bring a date along. If not, I'm sorry, but we could only reserve you one seat. Thank you so much for your understanding!

    Added on Tue, Feb 16th 2016

  • RSVP

    Inside your invitation, there was a tiny card with RSVP instructions. To save a little money, we chose to have everyone simply reply to an email account we set up just for this. 

    The email is

    So as soon as possible, just send an email including your name, whether you are able to make it, and if you have an option to bring a guest, your guests name!

    We greatly thank you for your response and we can't wait to see you!

    Added by Robin on Wed, Mar 2nd 2016